The Seattle Public Facilities District leases Safeco Field to the Seattle Mariners which manage operations and maintenance for all events in the facility.



The Safeco Field roof is unique. When it opens, it moves almost completely off the bowl, leaving fans inside to bask in the benefits of an outdoor ballpark - sunshine, open air, and spectacular views of the great Pacific Northwest scenery.

Moving along two sets of steel tracks, three separate panels roll to the east on 128 wheels to open the roof. When open, the arched panels stack over the railroad tracks at the ballpark's edge. Two smaller end panels tuck under the larger center panel, forming a grand arch similar to the old railroad stations found throughout Europe.

To close, the roof rolls back in the opposite direction, acting like an umbrella over the fans and the field to protect against rainy weather but preserving the open-air environment. Because the roof sits on legs mounted on wheeled-mechanisms, the roof forms a canopy over the bowl so that, even when the roof is closed, the open sides provide views of the city. 

Roof Maintenance

The following roof repairs were completed in 2018:

  • Roof Runway Truss Repairs
  • Retractable Roof Control System upgrades

Roof Facts

  • Weighs more than 11,000 tons
  • Spans 655 feet
  • Covers 8.9 acres
  • Opens or closes in less than 20 minutes






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