The Seattle Public Facilities District leases Safeco Field to the Seattle Mariners which manage operations and maintenance for all events in the facility.



Safeco Field and the Mariners are founding members of the Green Sports Alliance, an organization that helps sports teams and venues enhance their environmental performance.

Since January of 2010, the Alliance has brought together venue operators, sports team executives and environmental scientists to exchange information about better practices and develop cost-competitive and innovative solutions to their environmental challenges. In 2011 Seattle Business Magazine awarded Safeco Field and the Mariners its Green Washington Special Leadership honor, recognizing the Mariners for their "leadership role in helping to introduce a sustainable approach to operations in the broader sports world."

The Mariners and Safeco Field are widely-recognized as national leaders in sustainable operations. In  2013 the Mariners recycled or composed 91% of all waste generated at Safeco Field, more than a 700% increase over their rate in 2006, earning Major League Baseball's "American League Recycling Champions" ward for the second consecutive season.

With the help of environmental super hero characters, Captain Plastic and Kid Compost,  fans are encouraged to do their part to help keep Safeco Field and Seattle green.  The program diverts more than 1 million pounds of plastic water, soda and beer bottles from the waste stream each season, and has become a model for other professional sports teams. The Mariners have been honored for storm water pollution prevention as well as water conservation for an innovative plan to wash the ballpark's massive retractable roof.  All wash water is collected and pumped through a small treatment plant, then stored and recycled for later use.  This approach has cut the amount of water used for the roof washing from 225,000 to only 30,000 gallons.

 The Mariners and Sound Transit collaborate to provide transportation services, including a Sound Train that serves almost a dozen cities north and south of Safeco Field.  The trains run on Sundays and depart King Street Station 35 minutes after the game's final out.

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