The Seattle Public Facilities District leases Safeco Field to the Seattle Mariners which manage operations and maintenance for all events in the facility.

Fact Sheet


  • 47,000 seating capacity
  • 76 suites
  • 452 wheelchair and 452 companion seats


  • Surface: Natural turf
  • Left foul line: 331'
  • Left power alley: 378'
  • Center field: 405'
  • Right power alley: 381'
  • Right foul line: 326'
  • Elevation: 5' below street level


  • Covers but does not enclose the ballpark, thus preserving an open-air environment and views
  • Spans nearly 9 acres in three movable panels, which stack east of the ballpark over the railroad tracks when the roof is open
  • Panels glide on 128 steel wheels powered by 96 ten horsepower electric motors
  • Open or close time: average or 10-20 minutes (depending on wind and other weather conditions)
  • Ball Hitting Roof Trusses during play: A batted ball hitting a roof truss in fair territory shall be judged fair or foul in relation to where it lands or is touched by a fielder


  • Parking Garage for 2,100 cars
  • Seats angled toward the field of play for better sight lines
  • Wide concourses with full views of the field
  • Family picnic and kids play area
  • Dozens of convenient concession stands offering a changing variety of regional and international food


  • Views of Elliott Bay, the Olympic Mountains and the downtown Seattle skyline can be enjoyed throughout the ballpark. 

Public Art

  • Public art budget of $1.31 million commissioned 9 public art works integrated into the design of the ballpark and parking garage.

Amenities for disabled fans

  • Wheelchair seating for 452 with an additional 452 companion seats
  • Electrical outlets for recharging battery operated wheelchairs
  • FM assisted listening system
  • Graphics including Braille that meet ADA standards
  • Accessible concession stands and ticket booths
  • Emergency notification systems for sight and hearing impaired

Washington State Major League Baseball Stadium Public Facilities District